Fishing license

The fishing license must be paid and filled out before the fishing starts.
You must keep one part of the license as a control.
If you are met without due fishing license, you must pay 40 Euro in compensation-fee.
You don’t need the national danish government fishing license to fish in a P&T.


There is no bag-limit.
We kindly ask you to keep the fish that you catch.
They taste very good and when you touch the fish during the landing, there is a possibility that you may harm it so please keep it  and eat it.


As the water is very clear, the sunlight penetrates deep in the water thus allowing photosyntheses for the plants to grow.
We have a number of grass-carps that help us get rid of this weed.
It is not allowed to catch these.
If you happen to do that anaway, please handle it with care and put it back in the water as gentle as possible.

Allowed fishing techniques

All normal fishing tools are allowed.
It is for example wobblers, spinners, worms,powerbait, flies.
It is not allowed to fish with live bait, maggots or with parts of a fish.
It is not allowed to feed the fish.
Hooking fish is strictly forbidden