The Put and Take

The Fish

We stock the lake with rainbow trouts of the highest quality and there is at least 100 of these in the lake.
Besides that, there is a smaller number of brown trout. These are, however, rather difficult to catch.

The water

Jelling Put & Take is about 5000 square meters with a water- deapth up to 3 meters.
It is fed by crystal clear spring water, holding a temperature of 8 degree Celcius all year round.
This is exactly the preferred water temperature for rainbow trouts.
It also means cool water in the summer time and ususally ice-free water in winter.
This healthy water is inhabitated by a lot of natural aquatic life such as Sticklebacks, Nymphs, May-flies,  and so on.

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Faarup Lake

With a fishing-license to the Put & Take you also have the opportunities to fish in the adjacent Faarup Lake, but only from the shores of the P&T s own property.
In the lake there are monster pikes up to 25 pounds, eels, lake-trouts, perch and so on.